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Get High Quality Anti Termite Treatment.

Get High qulaity Termite Control, Termites are quite a common infestation. They chip and bite away at our lovely woodwork and are quite a nuisance. Termite Control South Delhi is dedicated to get rid of these termites call our expert at 8586949387.

Termites, like other pestilences travel from one parent to another and destroy all that comes in their path. But how do they get into the low moisture areas? Well a breed of dry-wood termites, as they are popularly known as, do not only survive in low moisture, but happily nest and breed too. And they do not always limit themselves to one piece of home furniture. They venture outside the furniture in which they have made their home, and explore new wooden pastures, and meticulously destroy all the wooden furniture that comes in their way. They spare nothing, not even the wooden roof over your head and hence, an infestation of dry-wood termites must be done away with, as soon as possible, to stop further damage.

There are THREE types of Termite or White Ants:
1. Subterranean termites live underground and cause the most overall damage to structures.
2. Drywood termites
3. Dampwood termites are the largest of all types of termites.

Call our termite exterminator to get free estimate for termite treatment cost and charges and than get it done at home or office, peace of mind.

Four Step Termite Control Treatment:

(Drill-fill-seal base system)
1. Drill at the Junctions of Floor & Wall.
2. Drilling at 45 degree angle on door/window frames adjoining walls.
3. Chemical coating on 100% wood work.
4. Spraying on mud tubes to control the existing movements of termites.

100% wood work shall be covered and special care shall be taken in case furniture attached to the walls as termites can easly attack them. Anti-termite treatment chemical spray on wood at home and office cure termites in fastest way, we are searched by termite control dwarka rohini ncr for effective treatment.

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