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Pest Control South Delhi is a leader in providing pest control and insect protection services to your homes and businesses. One of the South Delhi first professional pest control companies, our ability to solve pests problem and termite cure service is second to none. We are one stop pest solutions place for all kinds of your pests, insects, mammals, or reptiles related service in South Delhi. We work closely with the customers and provide high quality services, reliable and guaranteed pest treatment and termite insects prevention programs. We consider that the prevention is always better than cure. Pest extermination problems are very stressful, and we are here to help you solve this problem and give our customer peace of mind. We work 24x7, and same day service guaranteed. We do inspect or treat or service your insects issues effectively and efficiently at resonable prices in pest control south delhi.

All types Pest Control Service in South Delhi

Our technicaly trained service man and staff have expertise in all types of pest control treatment, and they make sure the service is done to the highest standards. We have a team of experts in pest control in south delhi.:

  • Cockroach Control Treatment
  • Rat, Mouse, Rodent Control Service
  • Lizard Extermination Service
  • Ants, Spider, Centipides Removal treatment
  • House Flies, Mosquitoes, Dengue, Malaria Prevention Service
  • Termite Control in South Delhi
  • Bedbugs Control Service
  • Weed, Honeybees, Bees, Wasps Removal Service
  • Ticks Pest Control in South Delhi
  • Fleas treatment
  • Stored Product Pests, Carpet Beetle, Clothes Moth, Silverfish, Fungi and Vantilation
  • Bird Control, Pigeon Control Spikes and net in South Delhi

  • We use only Safe Chemicals, Non Toxic Medicines, Products, Odorless, Child & Family Safe, Environment Friendly and Herbal Pest Control in South Delhi.

    Termite Inspection, Treatment (Control) in South Delhi

    Termite control in south delhi passes through FOUR stages mentioned below:

  • Inspection
  • Identification & Recomendation
  • Treatment
  • Periodic Check-up Visits

  • On first stage, we offer a free of cost termite inspection. After that, we get to know the customer about our findings and offer some recommendations, for example, what treatment is needed, what precautions has to be taken, their important role in controling termites. Finaly, we treat or service customers site on thier service order, providing them a best suitable treatments as per expert's recommentations to ensure the effective termite control south delhi. We offer best termite control service warranty, upto 3 years. After the major treatment done, we regularly visit your site for check-up or re-inspect, and provide neccessary service if needed.

    Why Choose Us

    Your Property is one of the most important asset - keep it protected!

  • With over 15 Years of expertise in this industry
  • Professional, Licenced pest service men or pest experts
  • Adhere to Indian standards and use only WHO approved, Safe Chemicals
  • Not only we controlling pests but Eliminating sources
  • Timely feedback, reports and service
  • No matter the insect, we can remove them
  • What we do for Better Pest Cure Results

    Most of the Pests Controlled within 2 or 3 days after applying the first treatment with Herbal Pest Control method is appended below:

    1. Gel Treatment :It is mainly used in kitchen areas such as cupboard, cabinets, fridge, microbaves, modular kitchen, etc. Herbal Gel treatmnet is applied at the upper corners. Highly effective against cockroaches. Effectiveness last upto 6months or more.

    2. Spray Treatment: It is an Ultra Low Volume non toxic chemical spray mainly used at the room corners, kitchens sink, drains, main holes etc. It is safe & Eco friendly treatment. Effectivness of spray last long time like our relations with customers.

    3. Manual Baits: For rodents / rats / mices, applied at the stretegic locations where rats are frequently moved number times. It has some odor to attract rats. After eating the baits they moved away outside the property in open places in search of oxygen, water, sunlight. They don't die but rare case.
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    To really find out more about us, who we are and how we work, you can ask any of our satisfied clients about us. We earned trust in this short 15 years time, thousands of people of Delhi-NCR, experienced the effectiveness of our pests control service. Please get in touch on 8586949387 and find out for yourself what we can do for you for on pest control cheap prices.

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